I was asked. Hold your breath darling. I am gonna blog about this. Heheheh. Well, it is pretty tough for a man my age to be able to impress me. A genu...

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Is Nick romantic?


The one thing I hate about traveling to Dhaka, Bangladesh while my baby is in Melbourne, Australia is the timezone differences! We miss each other onl...

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I miss Sara Foo!

As funny as this is going to seem, I actually forgot today was Valentines day. Not that I forgot Valentines day falls on February 14th, or that today ...

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Happy Valentines Day


Just got back from Sara and my trip to Johor Baru, to meet Sara’s mom and her other family members. I was a little nervous, not because I had ne...

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My future family members


Its 6:00 am, and Sara and I are driving back to see her mom. We will only be there 1 night, and will be back on Friday. More updates on our road trip ...

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Off to Johor Baru…