On Feb 1st, 2010 our son Nathan Joseph Tay Yu Xi was born at 9:25am via C-section. He weighed 3.17kg, was 48cm long and had a head circumference of 38.3 cms. He has B+ blood, and loves to sleep. Nathan is hebrew for “God has given”, and his middle name “Joseph” is after my brother, his uncle Joe. His chinese name is Yu Xi, which roughly translated means “Man after God’s heart”.

On March 6th, 2010, we celebrated Nathan’s full moon, which is a Chinese celebration when a baby is 1 Months Old. We were blessed by all the family and friends who came and blessed us! Nathan is one happy and loved boy!

As of 1st June, 2010, Nathan has reached 4 months old. He is getting playful, and developing his personality. His parents are having a hard time catching up with him, but we are trying :)

As of 1st October 2010, Nathan is now 8 months old. He can crawl by pulling his body with his hands, has started solids too! He loves celery!

As of 1st December 2010, Nathan is now 10 months old! He can clap his hands when he is happy or entertained. He can stand up supported and cruises around furniture! He can say Daddy quite well, especially in times of distress!

As of 6th April, 2011,  He is now 14 months old! He has passed 9kg, finally and is learning how to walk. He is very well behaved, and his favorite word is “Balloon”! He loves to play with them, and gets excited each time he sees one!

As of 14th June, our boy can walk very well, and can almost run! His vocabulary grows daily, and almost makes sentences! I heard him say “Bye-Bye Bird” a few days ago and just burst out laughing!

In June 2012, we discovered that our second Child was going to be a boy as well! Stay tuned as its only a matter of weeks before the boys will meet each other!

On September 16, 2012 The Tays welcomed our latest addition to our family, Nikolai Jacob Tay Yu Qing


As of 31st July 2013, Nikolai is almost 1 year old and Nathan is 3 and a half. Both boys are the joy of our hearts. Niko adores his older brother and wants to be around him at all times, playing with anything Nathan has. Nathan is growing up so quickly and Its hard to believe he was once such a small thing!

More pictures can be found :here

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  1. He’s so cute. Hope he’ll grow up well. Great shots by the way. Best way to watch him grow is through these photos. :)

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