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Miss Saigon : A review

What a production! Its the second best musical I ever watched, next to Les Mis! Top class performance, amazing props! The Engineer sang his heart out! Kim was breathtakingly good! The scene of the evacuation of Saigon, blew my mind away! A must watch!!


Wicked – A review

With every musical I watch, I always leave with a earworm. For Les Mis it was One More Day, for Phantom of the Opera it was Music of Night. For Wicked, it was Defying Gravity. The story was a brilliant twist on a classic story we grew up with! From the moment the show starts…

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Papa, Bob the Builder?

Nathan has a new love! And his name is “Bob”! It started one day when we were at the video store and he saw a DVD with pictures of heavy equipment like an excavator and a crane! Immediately the love affair began! He asked me who the person was and I said ,”That’s Bob the…