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2014-05-16 19.23.19

What a production! Its the second best musical I ever watched, next to Les Mis! Top class performance, amazing props! The Engineer sang his heart out!...

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Miss Saigon : A review

Logo Movie

On Sunday, Nathan’s best friend Ben wanted to take him to watch the Lego Movie, so the two boys and the two daddies went to a local cinema to wa...

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Lego Movie :- A review


On Valentines Day, Sara and I had our date night and we went to watch a musical, Once. I must say, when Sara first suggested this, I brushed her off b...

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Once : A Musical – A review


With every musical I watch, I always leave with a earworm. For Les Mis it was One More Day, for Phantom of the Opera it was Music of Night. For Wicked...

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Wicked – A review

2012-05-20 16.46.56

Nathan has a new love! And his name is “Bob”! It started one day when we were at the video store and he saw a DVD with pictures of heavy e...

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Papa, Bob the Builder?


Its been a while since Sara and I watched a movie together, and last week while Nathan slept, we caught a DVD. Firstly, we loved it. The movie in the ...

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Limitless :- A review