On term break Friday, Nathan and I along with his classmate and his mum went to visit the HMS Belfast! We had tons of fun climbing up and down the sta...

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HMS Belfast

2014-10-16 17.53.58

Found this amazing coffee place in the Puetra Del Sol, in Madrid. They have beautiful creation of various type of coffee, and I had their 5 layer Moch...

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Cafe Del Art, Madrid

2014-10-15 12.22.31

Located in the heart of Madrid, Spain, just outside the Metro Stop called Gran Vía, I found this modern looking and nice Tapas place. They server alm...

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Tapa Tapa, Madrid


I am back to Paris again, this time I am flying! Have a business meeting early Tuesday morning. Will be having dinner with Leanne again!...

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Off to Paris, France