2012-03-31 14.11.25

London Calling 3 : Road Trip : Bath

Over the weekend we rented a car, and I drove the guys to a few places, that day. Our first port to visit? Bath! It was an interesting drive! The M series which are short for Motorways are easy to drive on, but other roads the A series are much harder. Some don’t have any…


My latest toy from Tokyo

When I was at Tokyu Hands, a real fun place for guys. Its like a toys R us for men! Anyways, there is a floor with cool stuff and I saw this. Its an Iphone, desktop phone! You place it on your desk as it charges, and you can make calls with the handle. The…


If I had a Million Dollars….

A friend of mine managed to get her hands on one of the fake notes that was circulating around Malaysia. Apparently this foreign man was exchanging counterfeit US dollars with values of USD500, 1000 and even a million. The biggest denomination US note is only USD100.


Seven Red Things

I was tagged by Su-Li Two simple rules: Post photos of 7 red things in your home. Tag 7 people to do the tag. My wallet, given to me by my wifey. My wifeys, nokia phone Our table cloth Something that hangs on our door Our water bottle A wax seal My undies I tag…