2014-03-07 07.36.55

Breakfast with the Boys

With kids, especially 2 boys, every meal time is an adventure. Nikolai refused to eat his breakfast today and wanted to eat what I had. This was of course a big NO, and after a few minutes of drama, he quickly realized he was not going to win. He sat down and finished his yogurt…


Brothers on the Chair

It is very obvious that Nikolai adores his older brother Nathan. In daycare, he stands at the window calling for him all day. Everybody there knows the Mandarin word for big brother is “Kor-Kor”, as Niko says it over and over again. Whatever Nathan is doing, wherever Nathan is, Nikolai will follow.

2014-01-02 02.35.17

Playing in Box, Playing in a Cardboard Box

Its amazing how little is needed for kids to be able to have fun. Forget the expensive toys, the electronic gadgets. Give them a big cardboard box and they are ridding a taxi into downtown London asking for the driver to stop at Big Ben to see “Alley’s House”, that’s what Nathan calls Westminster Abbey.

2013-12-04 17.04.47

Have Pram, Will Travel

Bringing two prams around is no longer a viable option for us, and since we have seen many a London parent with 2 sometimes 3 kids around, we decided that Nathan needs to be upgraded to a standing seat He loves it, for now. Lets hope his love for it does not wear off too…