2015-01-25 11.44.34

It seems like only yesterday Nathan was a newborn in my arms. A few weeks ago he went for his first sleepover at one of this classmates house! I had t...

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How much they have grown!


Nathan has decided he wants to Rollerblade! We bought a learner pair for kids along with what Nathan calls his “Armor”, which he thinks ma...

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The Tays on Wheels

2014-04-10 08.05.21

With all the drama of the last few days of NHS Walkin Centers and A&E, I am glad that both boys are almost back to normal and in Daycare today....

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Both Boys in DaycareToday

2014-03-07 07.36.55

With kids, especially 2 boys, every meal time is an adventure. Nikolai refused to eat his breakfast today and wanted to eat what I had. This was of co...

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Breakfast with the Boys

Logo Movie

On Sunday, Nathan’s best friend Ben wanted to take him to watch the Lego Movie, so the two boys and the two daddies went to a local cinema to wa...

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Lego Movie :- A review


It is very obvious that Nikolai adores his older brother Nathan. In daycare, he stands at the window calling for him all day. Everybody there knows th...

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Brothers on the Chair