Lego Movie :- A review

On Sunday, Nathan’s best friend Ben wanted to take him to watch the Lego Movie, so the two boys and the two daddies went to a local cinema to watch, The Lego Movie. I must admit when I first heard the idea of the movie, I wasn’t sold. Even after the trailer, I was thinking to myself, I’ll catch it on DVD. Even 5 minutes into the movie and I was not really impressed, but it got better, and better, and towards the end, though I felt the movie was a little draggy, Everything was Awesome! I was actually very impressed with Nathan who sat still and watched the entire movie! He didn’t finish walking with Dinosaurs and he LOVES dinosaurs! In fact, after the movie he turned to me and said, “Papa, I finished the movie. I didn’t finish Walking with Dinosaurs!” He can read my mind that one! As we were walking to the car, I asked Ben, Nathan’s best friend if he liked the movie and he replied ,”Everything is Awesome”. So, yes, Watch it with your kids!

Playing in Box, Playing in a Cardboard Box

Its amazing how little is needed for kids to be able to have fun. Forget the expensive toys, the electronic gadgets. Give them a big cardboard box and they are ridding a taxi into downtown London asking for the driver to stop at Big Ben to see “Alley’s House”, that’s what Nathan calls Westminster Abbey.