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JJCM :- Burger and Lobster, London

Sara and I went wanted to try this hip place called Burger and Lobster, which only serves Burgers and Lobsters! There are 3 options! A lobster (full/half) either grilled or steam, another lobster dish...

Traditional Dutch Beer

JJCM : Restaurant Elders, Hoofddorp

Restaurant Elders Burgermeester van Stamplein 210 Haarlemmermeer, Noord-Holland Last night we went to a Dutch Pub like place in Hoofddorp. I had a very traditional Dutch dark brew, which was amazing. The starter was...

Full Lobster

JJCM: Marktzicht, Hoofddorp

In the sleepy town of Hoofddorp, just by the airport where we stay, this little delightful french/dutch place has amazing food! Nice decor, extensive list of wines, not much desserts though! Marktzicht Address :...


JJCM :- Monte Pelmo, Amsterdam

Best Ice Cream in Amsterdam! The queue for this place can be quite long at times, but it’s worth it. It’s not expensive, and they have an amazing selection of flavors. Don’t go too...

Grilled Maceral

JJCM :- Vlaming eten & drinken, Amsteram

Elsie and I went to this amazing place for dinner downtown. Voted the 2nd best restaurant in Amsterdam by TripAdvisor, we found the place quickly. The service, as with all restaurants here was slow,...