March Date Night : Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Bar

Our monthly date night brings us to Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Bar! Its a very nice joint, GBP30 per entry. Open till 3am, it showcases a multitude of different artists daily. The food there is not that great, so I think eat dinner elsewhere then hit the bar for some great tunes and music.

47 Frith Street
T: +44 (0)20 7439 0747
F: +44 (0)20 7437 5081

Puay Leng and Wai Liam’s affirmation

Yesterday was our cell’s affirmation night for our outgoing cell leader Puay Leng and her hubby Wai Liam who are migrating to Australia this week! We basically all got together to celebrate how they had blessed each and every one of us. Although this is only the 3rd time the Tays have been attending this cell, we , or at least I have known them for quite a while. Puay Leng and Wai Liam!! You guys will be missed!

This was also the first time Nathan attended the cell at our regular place, the Hows! At first I was a bit worried how he would adapt to the new environment, but our friend was at home almost instantly. When we arrived, he wanted to go to the Toy room! He soon found out that Ryan has a very impressive collection of Cars and the deal was done! They were friends! Throughout the cell, they were playing with the cars and at one point, both Nathan and Ryan wanted to play with a specific car, a Model of a Mercedes. There was some tension at first then they decided to clean the car together and spent almost 20 minutes do it together! Bliss!!

Best friends in the making!!

Nathan Day 395 :- Baby Dedication

Last Sunday, Sara and I dedicated Nathan at our church :) Its basically an act where we stand in front of the whole church taking a vow to bring our son up with love and care and teach him the ways of God.

Nathan Day 153 :- Threeds July Babies Birthday Bash

And on Friday, the cell celebrated all July babies, which would be me and Angela. Nathan enjoyed the cell very much, and loved being carried by Uncle Eddy and Uncle Kenneth. Thank you for celebrating Daddies birthday, says Nathan :P