I have come up with a list of places I want to go before I die, a bucket list if you will. So far I am doing pretty good! Some of these are much harder than others. Let’s do a review before I turn 40 to see how many I can complete before then!

1) Rome [Dec 21, 2013] – Since I was a child, its been a dream to see this place.
2) Venice  [July 23, 2003] – After watching Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade, I wanted to see this!
3) Tokyo [Dec 7, 2010] – Always been a dream.
4) Bermuda – Frankly, do I need a reason?
5) New York – Because there are no cats in America!
6) Athens – The History of it all!
7) San Francisco [Oct 6, 2013] – I always wanted to see the Golden Gate!
8) Machu Picchu – I only know 1 person who has been there, the coolest girl I know ever. You know who you are!!
9) Angkor Wat – So close to home, but never been!
10) Sydney [May 11, 2008]- Frankly, the Opera House didn’t live up to the expectation I thought it would have, but still an awesome place.
11) Easter Island – I just wanna see those heads
12) Berlin – I guess I wanna see whats left of the wall
13) Paris [Sept 23, 2008] – The city of love!
14) Iceland – Just because!
15) Santorini – A beautiful Greek Island, why not?
16) Egypt – To see the pyramids across the Nile. I will go here with my 2 boys!
17) Petra – Another Indiana Jones inspired place.
18) Grand Canyon – Another one I will go with the two boys!
19) Moscow – After reading all those spy books, I have to visit.
20) Hawaii – 5-0, 5-0, Gotta go, gotta go!
21) Rio de Janeiro – Wanna see that statue of Christ.
22) Cyprus – After meeting all my friends from there, I wanna go and the the island!
23) Jerusalem – To see the land of my faith.
24) Johannesburg – Especially after I read Nelson Mandala’s autobiography!
25) North Pole – I am sure this will be the hardest to do, but aim high!

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