We woke up early in the morning, and took a taxi to the airport. Nathan was up as soon as we were, excited to go on a holiday with his parents. He was jumping up and down everywhere and finally fell asleep on the plane. As soon as we landed he was up, and before we knew it we were at the hotel. First thing we did was ordered room service and took a short nap! The hotel food was quite good, especially the fish porridge, which ended up being the staple for Nathan for the next few days!

We took a short nap, and as Sara had to to some work, Nathan and I explored the harbour area! He was very excited to see the boats and yachts. The pier was left unlocked, and Nathan and I walked up real close to the boats to explore, which we later found out was not allowed 😛

We then got ready, and Eugene Wong came and picked us up, brought us for a quick tour of KK and then to a yummy seafood dinner! End of day 1!

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