The How’s and Tay’s were suppose to have a kiddy football game on Sunday, and the Chan’s were going to fly a kite at Desa Park. I arrived there first, and Nathan was kicking the ball around for a good 10 minutes till he got his feet wet and was distracted by the motorbikes at the park. By the time the Chans and How’s arrived, he was more interested in eating fish crackers than kicking the ball. Adrian tried to get Ryan to kick the ball around as well, but the power of the snacks overwhelmed him. We finally all joined Sean to fly kites and we learned that it runs in their blood. Oh, the Lee’s were there as well :)

After that, we had an impromptu birthday dinner party at our home for Sara! Nathan was happy to have friends over, but not being used to having to share his toys with others, he was a little possessive. I guess he just needs more exposure!

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