Finally Sara and I watched this over the weekend on DVD as our little one slept! Overall it was entertaining! Predictable but entertaining! I do think they have milked a little to much from this franchise and I do hope this is the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie they make. If they keep at this, they are gonna end up like the last Indiana Jones movie, a total failure. Quit while your ahead folks! Perhaps Johnny Depp is having problems finding other roles to play? Even in Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist, I could see way too much of Captain Jack Sparrow! Anyways, lets hope his next character is unique, and he definitely has the talent and skills to do any character!

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One thought on “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides : A review

  1. I still found a lot of enjoyment in seeing this one. I love almost all the movies that Johnny Depp stars in, mainly because of how hilariously he acts. The Addition of Penelope Cruz was a welcome surprise as well! I loved POTC: On Stranger Tides and I plan on seeing it again once it comes out! It’s awesome that it is coming out in a few days, because on October 1, the Blockbuster Movie Pass is releasing! I am really excited for this because the Blockbuster Movie Pass will give customers a massive selection of DVDs like Pirates of the Caribbean and games by mail. Since it if offered by DISH Network (who is also my employer), there are 20 channels that you’ll get in addition to the thousands of movies and shows you can stream to your TV or PC! Blockbuster also has many stores that you can exchange the DVD’s at and Blu-Rays are included! For all that, I think that $10 is such a great price. I can’t wait until the Blockbuster Movie Pass comes out so that I can see this movie again!

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