Nick’s Cafe :- Brussels Sprouts and Minced Pork

Just a simple dish I cooked last night. First I just steamed the Brussels Sprouts for about 10 minutes. In a different pan, I fried up some minced pork with some salt and pepper, as well as some chilli flakes, and then I drained the sprouts and tossed them with the mince pork. Simple, yet tasty!

Nick Tay

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3 Responses

  1. Shih Kung says:

    what if u pouched the brussels sprouts with boiled water instead? add some oil and salt so they will look greener in colour…

  2. Shih Kung says:

    ohh how i wish my hubby can cook like you… at least try out something different mah… :P

  3. Nick Tay says:

    I think if you just poach them, they may still be very hard in the inner layers, no?

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