Over the weekend, Sara and I watched Harry Potter, ooops, I mean Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, my bad. Frankly, its like an american rip-off of the Harry Potter series. There is a boy, who goes to a special school (camp), after realizing he is special. He is a wizard (demigod). There he meets a girl named Hermione Granger (Annabeth Chase), and he also has a close friend named Ron Weasley (Grover Underwood). What else could there be? Well, instead of Dumbledore we have Chiron, instead of the Train, there is an elevator to Mt Olympus. I mean, at least the Potter series shows more originality, this one takes Potter and adds Greek gods, and pretends to be something original. The story line? Ok for a kid movie I guess. The boy doesn’t show a lot of grief when his mum dies in front of him! Then there is not enough character development to make you really care about anybody, unlike the first Potter movie (or book) which you did feel for the guy, and finally Annabeth Chase is No Hermione Granger! Hahaha. My take, not a fantastic movie, but will entertain kids.

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