The thing about eating out in Malaysia, is that sometimes you eat crappy food that really spoils your appetite, and when you have been craving for a specific type of food for a while, to get that craving totally destroyed by food that’s lousy is a crime. Hence when Sara and I were craving some good duck and tim-sum, we decided to spend the money and go somewhere we knew would not disappoint. Where? Duck King. The tim-sum is one of the best in Malaysia we have eaten, with really fresh prawns in their HaKau, and good quality pork in their Siew Mai. The duck? To die for! And the Siew Yok? Heavenly. Their Char Siew is a little too sweet, but other then that we have no complains. The price? Well, it aint cheap! But its a place you would bring your In-Laws to impress them :)

Tibits RM 4.00
Chinese Tea RM 8.00
Siew Mai RM 5.80
Hakau RM 6.20
Pang Sit RM 5.80
Hainam Rice RM 5.00
1/4 Duck RM 16.80
BBQ Combo RM 28.80
Dessert RM 5.80

Taxes RM12.93

Total RM99.15

8-G Block M, Jaya One,
No.27, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
T :- +603 7957 9819
F :- +603 79579809

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One thought on “JJCM :- Duck King, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

  1. Never eat in tis restaurant! I specifically ordered beforehand that morning & was charged a “Peking Duck” but was given a cold roasted duck skin, CURLY & SOFT not a single piece crispy. Damn! Meat so little lost in a huge plate of noodle, SERVED FIRST! I’ve to chase for the skin & the captain’s reply was “wasn’t WARM enough YET!” Since when on earth Peking Duck was served this way! Your guess is right, kena con!!! We asked if the prawns were fresh, the reply was guaranteed but the servings came in steamed stale & tasteless. The miserable bamboo fish was horrific; we’ve guests therefore shy away from making a scene. For the rest of the food your guess is as good as mine. Serve them right if they may close down sooner, as there seemed to have more “docs than patients” that weekend night and the previous disappointed visits some months back. Duck King is not like when they’re new I recommended to friends and my usual “Tong sing pan”. They don’t deserve to be forgiven, not a chance. I paid nearly RM600 for that dinner (mind you no abalone nor shark’s fins, just normal dishes)and the free roasted duck for the next visit shall expire 15DEC10. Feel like taking that free duck and stuff into the boss ########. Whole bunch of hopeless con artists, shame to the food industry; help them close earlier.

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