There are days I wake up, and I find Sara on the bed next to me, and I say to myself ,”Is it real? Is she really my wife?”.  It seems like a dream almost, its now more than 30 days since we got married, and I am still slowly adapting to having a wife. I have a ring on my finger, yes, that is a reminder for me, but being married is a lot more than just that. Since the honeymoon, we have discovered many different things about each other. Sara likes to sleep in, and it takes forever for her to get out of bed. Me, once I am up, I am up.  This is often a source of fustration for us both, as I want to start my routine, and I want her to do it with me, while she wants to stay in bed till the last possible second. Most days while I am in the kitchen preparing our breakfast, I have to keep an eye on the clock, and make sure she actually gets out of bed. “Mrs Tay, are you up yet?”, I shout from the kitchen, and sooner or later she will shout ,”Darling, I am up already!”.

We are very two different people! I like the room to be very very cold, but she doesn’t. I like it to be totally dark, she needs some form of nightlight. I like to have things planned, she plays by ear. I stare at her while she lays there asleep and I wonder why she loves me as much as she does. “She is my wife”, I say to myself and I smile and thank God. I am blessed.

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