Bridesmaid Dress by D’glitters


The beautiful bridesmaids dresses were a product of one of our favorite shops called D’glitters. Sara and I do our manicure and pedicures there very often and glanced upon their dresses one fine day. We talked prices and they were reasonable, then arranged for the two girls to come for a fitting. Sara saw the design in a wedding magazine and Joelyn, the owner I think, managed to replicate them quite well.

P-06a (2), Plaza Damas,
Second Floor,
Hartamas Shopping Center.

e :-
t :- +6019 222 2112

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4 Responses

  1. Melanie Tan says:

    hi there… that;s very nice dress u had for bridesmaid, mind to share abt the pricing?

  2. simple and nice dress and also the green color looks fine.Thanks

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