Its now 124 days till the big day, and there is so much still to be done. I am officially breaking the silence about my wedding plans with the launch of my new countdown counter on the top right hand of the blog. Sara and I had our wedding planning day on the 1st of January, not the first session but the first for this year. The venue had been booked, the invitation list (touchy subject) has been finalized. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen chosen. Our cell members are being a great help with our Assistant Cell Leader, Angie helping us coordinate and the rest of the members with their own tasks. Sara had decided to make her wedding dress as when we went dress shopping, all the dresses in the 4 shops we visited where all too long for her, even with 4 inch heels. There are shops which do a tailor made dress and then buy back the dress for half price which seems to be the one she will go for. She has a design in mind already. Thanks to our friends who recommended shops for us to check out!! Sara and the bridesmaids went to the venue and met with the florist who gave them ideas on how to decorate and stuff. The bridesmaids are getting their dresses done. The groomsmen have been informed to wear black suits and I will get us matching ties :) So much to be done. Wedding invitation cards to be finalized and loads more. Daren has been a great help providing me with the most awesome of planing documents from his wedding in 2000 which he inherited from Kenneth and Kim-Ann. Sara was soo impressed with the level of details in that plan! Hehe. So thats my first official post on the wedding, as time goes on, I will reveal more.

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6 thoughts on “And the wedding countdown begins

  1. OK, this season ties are not supposed to be wider than 6 cms ok?

    I know its not something that important in the scheme of things but please please please REMEMBER this tiny detail if you can… lOl

    God bless!

  2. Thanks K.lo . Now i understand why Nicky insisted his best man has to be K.Lo and no other names.

    In life we seemed to be surrounded by many friends, but only the true friends will standby you for who you are.

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    Wedding!!!~ So exciting!

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