I had such fun. I must admit I only saw a small fraction of what Scotland had to offer and there was so much more to see, but my main reason there was to spend some time with my brother and I am glad we did. We had a very good time of just talking and catching up. In this day and age where people live and work miles away from family, its nice to just see each other. I got my brother hooked up with skype and hopefully we will be able to chat more now :) 

On the Sunday, We didn’t really do anything. Joe and Allan had friends over for dinner and I met some of this friends, which was always fun. We talked and talked about all sorts of things, from Politics, Economy, Time Travel to Aliens, Ghosts and Religion.  

As the guest all left, I helped my brother do some internet stuff and then came the time to say goodbye. They dropped me off at the train station and I headed on the sleeper to London. I will see them next year for my wedding next :)

The train ride back to London was comfortable. I had gotten a sleeper and it was very different from the ones back in Malaysia. Even for normal economy, two passengers are given a room, and it was very comfy. I got the room to myself and fell asleep within minutes. I got up at 7:00am and was worried as the train was still moving! It was suppose to reach London at 6:45 and I thought I had missed the station. I quickly went outside and saw a fellow passanger to told me that the train would be delayed and only reach London at 10:00am! Wow, 4 hours delay. A train attended got all the passanger details and said they would issue a full refund :) Wow.. I was impressed. At 10am, reached and took a cab to the office :) End of Scotland journey, but I hope to return again.

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5 thoughts on “Scotland :- Final Thoughts

  1. A full refund. Wow!
    I heard there has been very bad weather, so I guess that was the reason of the delay.

    I hope saying goodbye wasn’t too sad.

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