There are days I wonder if our government does anything at all to keep the law and order around here. Right opposite my office building in Brickfields is a public road opposite a few apartments, just along the LRT tracks. Bellow these tracks are legal free parking spots, yellow boxes for the residents of the area and for people to park. There are no signs to indicate any fees that needed to be payed, and no DBKL people ever issue summons as its a legal parking area. Then suddently out of the blue, we have 2 thugs who decided to make some money and they have started to “collect” parking fees from the people to “allow” them to park thier cars there. They give them a “receipt” and say, must pay. They treaten to scratch the cars if you don’t. Sigh. This is a common problem in Malaysia. You see it all over the place. In streets like Bukit Bintang at night, random people will come out place some chairs on a public street and then charge people to park there. When will the government do something about this? Do they even care?

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2 thoughts on “Random Parking Fee Collector

  1. i agree. i went to somewhere near maybank in pudu there to have dinner. then the bugger collected RM5 from me! omg it was freaking 8pm and he was so daring. i gave him anyway, for the fear of a punctured tyre or my car paint :(

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