Is it just me, or is there like no Merdeka feeling this year? Sure, there are a few flags here and there, but it feels to me like Malaysia is not really celebrating our 51st birthday this year. Sigh. What a dissapointement. I think the government is so concerned about Permatang Pauh that our nations 51st birthday has lost its importance. You read the papers today all you read about is Anwar this, Saiful this, Permatang pauh that. Such a sad state of events for Malaysia.

Having said that, I am also very disappointed with all those bloggers who are running the Malaysian flag upside down. No matter how bad things may seem in this nation, there is no excuse for defaming our flag. We live in peace! There are no wars! We have no famine! Sure we have the crazy mat rempits riding around everywhere, but they are so mild compared to the armed militia in some African or Asian countries. I am ashamed at those people who fly the colors of our nation upside down.

Love Malaysia!

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4 thoughts on “Are we even celebrating Merdeka this year?

  1. flying flag upside down is a sign of distress. no doubt we are not facing famine but are you sure that when the petroleum runs out, Malaysia as we know it will still be here? The only thing that sustain our present government (or lack of it) is the petrodollar and we have like 4 years before we become importer?

    flying flag upside down might not seemed nice but it is individual’s right to make their own statement. i make my own by not flying the flag at all this time around. a nation is made by mutual respect, not mutual condemning. remember, i might not agree with what you said but i will defend your right of saying it. that is democracy, fellow malaysians.


  2. It is not a public statement to deface a national symbol, it should actually be illegal. Its just like burning the flag or spray panting the national monument. There are other ways of protesting, and I think it shows a pure lack of any respect for the nation.

  3. not like last time before merdeka for one month, the preparation is done and everything is on place. Now i didnt realise till u said it now, i think is true lor, no preparation and no mood for merdeka at all. What the heck is malaysia gov doing at the moment?

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