Happy Birthday Mel & Hilda

There are two birthdays this week for my cell members, Mel’s is today and Hilda’s on the 26th, and thus we celebrated both the girls Bday with one cake. After cell we chatted and took group pictures, of course, and then headed over to Char Char Teng in SS2 for drinks.

And Huge Drinks they are! You can get a huge class of Hong Kong Ice Tea on your birthday, with proof its your birthday, and only if you have a party of 6 and greater, with purchases.

More pictures here :- http://flickr.com/photos/nicktay/sets/72157605221743621/

Nick Tay

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1 Response

  1. K.Lo says:

    lOl… that’s a whole lot of ice!

    Happy Birthday Mel and Hilda!

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