We left Vung Tau, and went to Phuong’s home, about an hour away from there to attend his Father’s Death Anniversary Party. When I first heard the term, I was wondering if I should dress in dark clothes, in case I would offend people, but I was re-assured that its a normal custom here. People actually have a party with good food and drinks each year on the death anniversary of somebody in the family. We arrived, ate and then the guys slept while Sara, Fang and I drank coffee at a near by place. I always though that Coffee was cheap in HCM City till we paid for our coffee in this small Kampung town. For 3 cups of good coffee it was only 26,000 VND, which is almost the price of 1 cup of coffee here! Wow!

After coffee it was zoom all the way for about 1 and 1/2 hours till we stopped at this roadside shop 28 km from HCM City and drank some Sugarcane juice.

 Then it was non-stop to HCM, and back to the hotel! End of trip.

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