I am all for freedom of speech. You want to blog about your sexual encounters, thats your business. You want to ping PPS, then at least be responsible! If your blog entry contains Nudity, regardless of the sexual orientation, WARN PEOPLE! Put a (X-RATED) tag before your post. With freedom comes responsibility. Oh, you should be warned though, that posting nudity is considered illegal in Malaysia, and if your Web Hosting in Malaysia, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. In fact I think most Malaysian web hosts have the right to terminate your account for “Abuse of Use”. I know the culprit has registered his website in the USA, but I am pretty sure there are laws there too regarding Pornography. I think all sites with Explicit material should have a Above 18 (or 21) warning page, where somebody will have to click. “Yes”. to continue. I hope the people photographed are above 18, because Child Pornography laws are international, and you WILL see jail time.

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4 thoughts on “Be a responsible blogger and pinger!

  1. You think that’s bad. How’d you feel suddenly ending up knowing it’s a guy talking about some guy who’s hot then later mentions about stuffing something up there. gosh…

    First time I’ve come across that on PPS. What’s happening?!

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