Of Daddies and Daughters…

Just look at the love. By the way, she turns 2 in a few more days. Wow, time has really flew!

Nick Tay

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3 Responses

  1. mumsgather says:

    Hey there Nick! Thanks for the correction to my Dim Sum post. I’ve updated my post and linked to your post for the real name of the place. Thanks again. BTW, may I have permission to post on my blog a pic from that particular post of yours?

    admin : Your welcome, and Can can, go ahead :)

  2. mumsgather says:

    Thanks a lot. I’ll help myself than and oh I forgot. Happy Birthday to your lil’ darling. She’s got those cheeks that make everyone feel like pinching. Hahaha.\

    admin : Haha..some confusion here. Thats a picture of Sean and his daughter Caitlyn, my friends from church. I am not married yet :P I will wish her on your behalf though:)

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