It has been a lazy Saturday so far. I got up at 7am, and went back to sleep after turning on my PC. I was suppose to have breakie with somebody but he FFK me for a date with his girlfriend, hehe. I didn’t mind. I got dressed, had breakfast and bought the paper, and read a few head lines. Sigh, the news depresses me lately. Its always either another tragic bus accident, or yet another cover-up, or guilty people getting away Scott free.  Anyhoo, then I came home, watched a movie on DVD, as there was nothing good on the telly, and then headed out for coffee, and now I am here at the church office. We are suppose to have a meeting at 2pm, and I am early. Have Saturday service later, and then its a farewell dinner for some friends who are moving to Indonesia. Actually, they have already officially moved, but are back to pack up more stuff, so we wanna give them a proper send off.  I am just wasting time before the meeting starts….more with photo’s later.

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