Its Pasta Mania at the-reflector’s tonight. I had another craving, and I believe cravings for food must be satisfied. That probably explains the recent weight gain. Sigh. Oh well. Eat and be merry, for tomorrow we go to Mongolia. Haha. And so there I was at home, cooking during a rain storm. My house is really funny. The ELCB keeps tripping when it rains even though there is barely any Lightning or thunder. I kept walking up and down reseting it, every few minutes. And at the 20th time, I just screamed and shouted. Sorry Lord. I was upset at you. I calmed myself down, and finished cooking with the Emergency lighting unit my brother in law owned installed in the kitchen, but I broke the recharge cable head. I must go replace it soon. Sigh. Oh well. My Pasta was not exactly a sucess. Too much tomatoes made it aliitle to acidic and sour, but a hungry man eats everything.

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2 thoughts on “Feeling creative, I decided to cook dinner….

  1. arrrr. i decided to cook myself the same dish by print a copy for my mum. 😛

    you dont mind yah? :)

    admin : haha…knock yourself out

  2. oOo looks pretty good. will be perfect with some cili padi. 😛

    admin : chilli padi? no need when you use chyanne pepper like me :)

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