Ever since I read about this movie and how it was suppose to be the father of all spy movies, I knew I had to watch it. Based on real life events from World War II and leading up to the failed attempt at the Bay of Pigs, it follows a fictional character who was one of the founding members of the CIA. Matt Damon who plays the lead role, was brilliant in this movie. He captured a character which, I would think a real spy would be like. Not flashy or action hero like, but quite yet very stern and deep.

If your hoping for the James Bond type of Spy movie, you will be disappointed. This is more of a real spy movie, a little closer to Spy Games. It moves slowly, but quite intense like, if your into that sort of thing. I loved it. Its like watching a Tom Clancy based movie.

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One thought on “The Good Shepherd :- A Review

  1. Though I like spy movies, this way just a lil but too draggy..

    admin : ok what.

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