I have been getting allot of hits on my blog by people wanting to know what Fu-Yoh means. Even Wikipeadia doesn’t have that word listed, and a search for it only reveals the Digi page. So what IS Fu-Yoh?

Well…Fu-yoh is basicly an Malaysian (Arguably aslo Singaporean) expression when someone is impressed, shocked, or in awe of a specific event , action or item. There are several variations in spelling (Fuyoh, Fooyoh) and also can be used as “Fuyoyo”, usually accompanied by an Indian accent. The origins of the word is still unclear to me, and I am hoping somebody can help by commenting on that. The word has been made popular by Digi, through its promotions and TV adds. Hope that satisfies some minds :)

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  1. hivlt says:

    It’s not “fuyoyo”, it’s “ayoyo”.

    admin : “ayoyo” is different lah. That more an expression of dismay, example “Ayoyo, what a mess!”, while “Fuyoyo”, is like “Fuyoyo! New G3 Phone ah?”

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