My brother said Jokingly when he was here for my sisters wedding last year that we (the Tay Siblings) should start taking Gingko less we become like our Father and our aunts, plauged with terrible memory. My dad was the worse I think, he could never remember which of his kids was named what, and so he would call all of our names when he only wanted one in particular. “Joey,Nicky,Tina”, he would shout, and we would all come in, not knowing which one he really wanted. In fact we would even come if he called even one of the names, cos he could have meant you. Anyhoo, I am slowly beginning to loose my short term memory. Yesterdays event with the laptop is not actually an isolated case. I always forget something or another. In fact I sometimes go shopping and leave the items I have bought on a table somewhere, only to realize it when I go home. To counter this, I am usually seen gripping the bags of stuff I have bought tightly, or have plastic bags tied to my waist pouch, which is always sling ed over my shoulder, to ensure I remember to bring items purchased home. I think the worse case that ever happend to me was when I left some food rotting in my car over a few days, and had to get rid of the smell, thank God I don’t own that car anymore. So back to the Gingko, how much do they cost? Do you think I will remember to take them daily? And If I can remember to take it, does it mean I don’t really need it after all?

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