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Ah Mahlini. Have tons of good times with her man. One of the Malaysians I was really close to at my last year in Acadia. She arrived with Haresh and gang in 1997, and I must say, we hit it off straight away. We had a large international family back in those days, that would sit at a particular table in the meal hall. There were the spanish dudes, the greeks, Daisy from Hong Kong, Lynda from Japan/Ghana, Anka from Germany, Corey from Barbados, Cindy from Trinidad, oh So many of us. We had a blast. We would also crash at her place in Tower, many a night. We were there so often that when I stopped coming over, at the year end, when everybody was given an “Award” her had
1) My friends are homeless Award
2) Midnight Movie Club (We would rent movies almost every night)
3) What have you done to Nick Award.

Haha. So many memories man. I don’t think we actually had any classes together, actually…We just studied and well, lepak-ed together. The first picture on the top is when Mahl and I were DJ’s for some event. I think it was the Arabian Night? I think….That was one crazy night. I think everybody had food poisioning that night.

The other pic was taken last night, when Mahl and I had dinner at Prince Cafe in SS2. Its been a while since I last saw her, but she is doing well. Ah Its always great to catch up with old friends.

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