Was soo hungry, while waiting to board the plane to my final destination, Ulaanbaatar, that I just HAD to eat something. Food is not cheap here though, this bowl of Kimchi noodles cost me USD8.00!! Thats very very expensive, but alas, Korea is not exactly a cheap country. It tasted very good though, and it was filling :)

The flight to UB was nice. And the lunch served on the plane was amazing!! It tasted good, and it was piping hot. I am so never flying Air China ever again! Its Korean Air for me!! Anyhoo, I am here in UB. Its cold today, very cold. My new apartment is very small and comfy, I like everything except for my tiny pillow and the lack of Star Movies or any other Movie channel, sigh, but I will survive. I am at a Cafe which gives us free WIFI, and I am surfing away. Tomorrow, work starts.

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