I was having a conversation with my friend about cell groups and why I believe in them. Basically, back when I was in college in 1994 – 1996, I was looking to find somewhere to belong. My close friends at the time, all had something new in their lives. Some were dating, some where addicted to computer games, others well, they were just in a world of their own. I then heard about a cell group in my church, and I decided to give it a try. I first went to one which had mostly adults and though they were nice and all, I didn’t really fit it, probably cos I was a college student among many who had very full adult lives. I stopped going to that cell, and had abandoned all thoughts about cell for quite a time period. Then came the Christmas play of 1995, and I decided to join, mostly because I loved to act, and also cos I was just plane lonely and bored. Through the play I met quite a few very nice people, and then something happen. The last day of the play I had chicken pox! Yes, I was ill. Then out of nowhere, came all these wonderful people, part of the drama. They brought me to the clinic to see a doctor, they made sure I had food delivered to my house, they genuinely cared for me. After my illness had gone away, I naturally wanted to know why I had such loving people in my life all of the sudden. I had discovered a cell group, a group of people who reached out and truly cared for me.

I began to attend regularly, and every Friday without fail, my good friend Elaine Tan’s mom pick us up and send us to cell. Back in those days, most people didn’t have a car, and I didn’t even have a driving licence. The cell was filled with many people my age, some older and some younger, but one thing that set us apart was there was a genuine care and concern, a love for each other. I wasn’t in the cell long, till I had to go overseas to continue my education, but I can remember that the cell was there for me. They sent me off to the Airport, and consistently wrote letters to me. I finished my studies, and when faced with the question what to do next, I prayed, I walked and walked, and it was very clear to me what needed to be done. I came back to the one place where I fitted and was loved. Cell.

I believe in Cell, purely because I was a product of cell groups. When I needed love, needed to belong the cell provided it. And then I grew, and when It came my turn to lead a cell, I provided my love and care to others in my cell. It wasn’t easy, not everybody in cell I cared for returned the same emotion. There were many a night where I got home from cell only to cry because I didn’t feel like anything I did mattered. But I was persistent , and I think Love prevailed.

I may not be a cell leader anymore, but I honestly say I still care for those who were in my cell, as I know my leaders before still care for me. Cell is not about an activity. Its about a relationship.


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