Not to long ago, at a service in my Church, my pastor asked all those who were not from PJ/KL to come out, so that we as a church, could pray for them. We have a large number of international and outstation students, those from other states in Malaysia, and a large portion of the congregation arose and went to the front. We have allot of young adults as well, many of which came to KL/PJ to study a few years ago, have now graduated, and now work in the city. Its not an uncommon thing, in fact, I am sure most people who actually stay and work in the Klang valley, will go somewhere else during the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali breaks, back to thier own hometowns to visit family and friends. So, and many of them went up front to be prayed for I realized at that instant, I didn’t feel like I was one of them. I actually grew up in a small town called Kota Tinggi, and well, life there wasnt actually the best years of my life. I went to college in PJ for a few years, then went to Canada for my University days, and then back to PJ/KL to work. I have lived here many a year, that I actually think I am now a PJian. I mean, I don’t own property here, I still stay with my sister and her family, but I can’t for the life of me imagine living anywhere else than in PJ. Its home. Somewhere over the years of being an oustation person, I had let go of that, and planted my feet deep into the soil of PJ. Actually, when I changed my IC to the new myKad, I even changed my address to PJ so that I could vote. I guess its my home, somewhere along the line, I made it so.

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