It was one good opening match for the world cup! First 12 minutes and already 2 goals, one from each side too. I must say, although Germany did win, and did score the 4 goals I hoped they did, the win was not as convincing as I would hope cos they did let in 2 goals. I keep thinking if Khan was the goalie, the score would have been 4-0.

The guys were all excited when the kick-off started, and we could not find a single channel in English that broacasted the game! How crappy is that!! What was being showed on Star Sports? Some crappy snooker competition!! Whatever la!! We ended up watching it on CCTV5, with Chinese comentators going on and on. Oh well, Germany still won, and there were some great goals too. I do think the ref was blind!! As that second goal by costa rico was clearly offside!! And he always found a way to stand at the wrong place, in the way of Germany scoring.

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