Seeing that I am being forced to finish up my leave, I started to google and also ask people on place where I could for a cheap budget holiday. Initially was planing to go to Langkawi, but since Anthony has always been telling me how exciting Bangkok could be, and also Yihuey who kept trying to convince me Bangkok was the place to go, especially since I could do the trip and spend very little money. Then Loretta, Connie, Sarah and even Stevie gave me hints and ideas of things to do and places to see in Bangkok, that I was sold on the idea. I am giving myself this challange however, to go to Bangkok and back and spend less than RM700 (about 180 USD) for a weeks trip there. I am planning to take a bus up to Butterworth, then take the train to Bangkok. I will then stay in a backpackers hotel for about RM15-20 a night. Sounds like a plan eh? I have been checking out the this website and it gave me excelent tips and ideas. Wanted to find out the exact price and timings of train tickets, maybe even book online, but was utterly dissapointed on how badly designed our beloved KTM’s webpage is. Somebody should SERIOUSLY look into getting them into the 21st century. I can’t believe in this day and age, we still can’t book train tickets online!

The plan as of now, Leave KL to Butterworth early morning on April 17th, then take the 14:40 train to Bangkok, reaching the next day. Will stay there till the 23rd taking the same route back. Won’t be taking my laptop with me, so I am hoping my 2GB worth of memory will be sufficent for the pictures I take. I am thinking, I should be able to find a computer shop to burn the images onto a CD if they get too full.

Anybody interested in coming with me? I know the chances of that are very very slim, if they even exsist at all, but I just decided to ask. I don’t mind doing the trip alone, as I have travelled to numerous places alone, but I wouldn’t mind some company. Oh, well, it will be like the time I went backpacking in the USA alone. Those were some fun times :)

Oh, during my holiday I might not be able to blog as much, and so I am looking for guest bloggers! Yeah, anybody willing to write a few posts for me while I am away send me email.

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