Sarah, Caitlyn, Angie and Renee
Sarah Carrying Caitlyn, Angie Carrying Renee

Communion Saturday

Communion Stewards

Bernard Yong Shares in Church
Bernard Yong Shares. So proud of my ex-cell member. This boy has come a long way.

Sean forgets how to put on a daiper

Roger has to run...
Roger has to run around the santuary…7 times

WaiBeng 1
WaiBeng 2
Waibeng a.k.a Smiley Girl. Finally know her name. Minh took these pics


Ahh…What a Saturday. In case your wondering why Roger had to run around the satuary 7 times, it was part of the ilustrated sermons by Pastor Julie, who preaches on Fake or Genuwine. She will be preaching on The different processes of life this entire month. Come and join our Saturday services @ 5pm!

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2 thoughts on “Church this Saturday….(in pics)

  1. hehe.. i like the “sean forgot how to put on his dIAper.”
    Oh man.. look at his beatiful eyes..such an adorable baby, must have beautiful parents too

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