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Almost each and every Thursday Night, I have a boys Night out with Jason Lim. What do we do? We “Pasar Malam” of course! “Pasar malam” or Night Market is something I think is unique to South East Asia. It is a weekly event where Vendors open up stalls along the roads of housing areas offering an array of Food, Groceries, Clothes, Illegal Software, Pirated CD’s and DVD’s, Pots and Pans, Furniture, Bedding, even shoes. The vendors move their stalls to various locations daily, as specified by the Local City Council, and on Thursday they do their commerce in “Chow Yang” the area in Petaling Jaya where I live.

Jason’s Mom has bible study on Thursdays, and thus He drops her at her church and then comes over to my place to take in the complete Pasar Malam experience. This includes making at least one complete tour of the entire area, visiting our favorite stalls, which include the “Lok Lok”, “Taiwan Sausage”, “Uncle Bob’s Fried Chicken”, “Popiah”, and of course “Mango – Lo”. What are all these things? I will try and take pictures, but the crowd is such that bringing my camera along is not always wise decision.

It’s not so much the food I enjoy, it’s also the time spent with Jason. It’s become a constant in my life of late, and when I was in Mongolia, I really missed Pasar Malam nights. We talk about anything and everything, from Blogging to Flogging. No item is left un ventured. Sometimes my Sister and her fiancé join us, other times like tonight Sarah and Charlotte are coming too, but usually it’s just the two of us. Anyhoo, will try and post some pictures tonight.

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