Yes, its official. My IPO (Initial Public Offer) is out. About 3 months ago, my friend Elaine Tan, who writes for a few magazines, sent me an email and asked, “Would you like to be featured in Female magazine?”. Seeing that I could not be any more single, and the fact that my baby sister is getting married soon, and that I am turning 30 next year, I decided I should do it! And after months of anticipation, finally its out.

Its a feature about men in different stages of their love lives. There is the Single Guy, the Guy who just found love, the Guy who has been in love for years, and the Guy who just got dumped. Obviously I am the first one. If you didn’t know that, you definitely will know it after this article. Anyways, that’s my moment of fame. Lets see what the article does for my love life.

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