Well, Saturday, managed to catch Matrix 3, which by all definitions SUCKS as a movie. I am sorry but it takes more than special effects to do it, an the build up for 1 and 2, was totally brutally murdered by 3. The lines were stupid, the plot had allot of potential but was not built up properly and the ending? The Ending, if you could call it that was Chezzy at best.


Had a small incident as I was leaving the Movie Cinema, I forgot to turn off my car lights, and my car battery died. Good thing I keep a pair of jumper cables in my boot. And thank God for the Nice couple who helped me start my car.
Nicks Leason in Life #5 : The scouts were right, Always be prepared.

Today morning, went to church. It was a great feeling be able to worship again in the House of God. I also managed to catch the Baptism of two good friends, Lee Roy and Sue Ling.

I had lunch with the Young Adults, went home, watched some Astro and then at Night, It was Lee Roy’s 21st Birthday Celebrations. Lee Roy was also baptized earlier that morning, so It was a real big day for him. Check Out the Pictures of his birthday bash at Swensons SS2. I think we made so much noise that we are no longer welcome there. Hehe.

This morning, got up, got ready and Drove to work. Its been so long, Its school holidays and the roads were soo clear…Amazing..I went to a Gas Station near my office to fill her up and realized I left my wallet at home! Argh..That sucks. Will need to borrow some cash from the guys to have lunch and get some gas or I won’t make it back home.

I have 3 more days before I fly off and there is soo much I still need to do. Tomorrow, I am gonna apply for 1/2 day leave, so I can settle some banking stuff, and also have Dinner with a friend. Hope she will be free.

Well, I am at work Now…More after Lunch.

bap·tism (bãp’tÄ­z’É™m)

  1. A religious sacrament marked by the symbolic use of water and resulting in admission of the recipient into the community of Christians.
  2. A ceremony, trial, or experience by which one is initiated, purified, or given a name.

baptisme, from Old French, from Late Latin baptismus, from Greek baptismos, from baptizein, to baptize. See baptize]

bap·tis’mal adj.
bap·tis’mal·ly adv.

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